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More destruction occurred during invasion and occupation by Frederick the Great until the mid-eighteenth century, and then Prague began to battle back. By 1784, the four separate municipalities merged, with the incorporation of the Jewish Quarter occurring in 1850.

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In the aftermath of WWI, a new country, Czechoslovakia, was born, with Prague as its capital.

“Prague is a unique blend of freedom and hesitancy.” – Kenneth Jackson The best things to do in Prague are enhanced by an understanding of Czech culture.

New Town (Nové Mesto) was designed adjacent to Old Town by Charles, who also laid the foundation stone for his famous namesake bridge in 1357.

Following Charles IV’s death, his son Wenceslaus IV (not to be confused with the legendary Good King Wenceslas I of the tenth century) reigned during a fractious period, continuing the Luxembourg dynasty in a dual role as King of Bohemia and Germany, but ultimately succumbing to a heart attack which left the country in political upheaval.

Czechia and Austria are the geographic center of Europe, but Prague feels more eastern than Vienna, even though it is not.

This, no doubt, has much to do with the Soviet influence when Czechoslovakia was a satellite state of the USSR, but Prague’s “it” goes back even further with a thousand years of Slavic legacy.

This led to the Hussite Wars which attempted religious reform in the name of Jan Hus, a Protestant theologian martyred in 1415.

Tensions between Catholics and Protestants would continue for two hundred years.

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