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Previous holders of the role are the ex editor Andy Coulson and former BBC News chief Sir Craig Oliver, who left shortly after David Cameron announced his resignation.Mr Gibb replaces Katie Perrior, who left shortly before the election campaign.Robbie Gibb, the BBC’s head of operations at Westminster, has been named as Theresa May’s new director of communications.

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I thought I was quite happy about fading away, but then the President of Columbia Records, Rob Stringer, came to see me and signed me and said: “We’re gonna move your ass!

” And I thought: “Oh well, that’s OK.” So I’m back.’A few months ago there was his rapturous appearance at Glastonbury with Chris Martin and Coldplay. Chris is such a gentleman, and I met Gwyneth.’ He says he also met Noel Gallagher and that they’d arranged to have a curry together soon.

Mr Gibb’s letter in response was published on the BBC website, which said: “I reject your suggestion that we orchestrated and stage-managed the resignation of Stephen Doughty.” Colleagues of Mr Gibb describe him as a “Brexiteer”.

In 2001 he worked on Michael Portillo’s campaign for the Conservative leadership.

Andy, the youngest Gibb brother, died in 1988 aged just 30 after years of drug abuse, Maurice died 13 years ago at the age of 53, and Robin died in 2012 at 62 after a protracted battle with cancer. About being a great band and being happy and not competitive.’Competitive with The Beatles? about not being competitive with each other.’ He’s in a cloud of nostalgia now.

And Barry, who has never spoken with such emotion about his loss, is clearly haunted by their deaths'The last time I saw him was at Saturday Night Live in 2013 when we were both playing. We started talking about the time before we had any success. ‘Those days of not understanding the business and not knowing why everybody wanted to know when for a long time they didn’t.Then you become incredibly close and you have really angry moments with each other. What he said was, “Always look down [when you’re singing] on your highest note,” and I said yes, OK.’The Beatle was also responsible for his famous Bee Gee beard. I thought, “That’s it, we should break up.”’Did he feel as the oldest Bee Gee he was always the leader? Maurice and Robin were twins so they were always secretly chatting.Nothing different from any other family except our obsession with music. Mc Cartney gave him fascinating singing tips, as well as style inspiration. He’s still singing in the keys he always did and I’m still doing that. ‘I grew it in 1968 because Mc Cartney grew a beard for The Long And Winding Road. ‘Yes, yes, because the oldest brother is always put in that position. I was the one that had to make sure we got paid.‘I had to look out for business. It was important that we were not cheated and I think that was pretty common.That naivety.’How intense was the sibling rivalry in the Bee Gees?‘Well, I don’t think it’s any different from any other brothers or sisters.’ A mix of competition and closeness? All of those things, and you have enormous arguments.It was on a programme edited by Mr Gibb that junior Labour minister Stephen Doughty resigned on air, as part of a wave of resignations aimed at bringing down Jeremy Corbyn.


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