Updating objectdatasource

The reflection that is intrinsically called by the Form View/Object Data Source combination dutifully builds my basic Select, Update, and Insert templates.

updating objectdatasource-2

And further down the stack: “Exception: is not a valid value for Int32”. Since this is a Form View control, we don’t have the ability to use a Bound Field control with 2 very useful properties: Null Display Text and Convert Empty String To Null.

It would be nice to tell ODS to enable sending null values from any control we want. I used his clipping because it describes perfectly the problem I had, along with many, many others.

Now our timer job class is ready and we will see how we can add key value pairs in the property bag of our custom timer job class.

Create a feauture “Timer Job Feature Receiver” with scope as web.

I have a custom Business Class library that includes custom objects with nullable int and Date Time properties.

In order to update this data, I have created a Form View control bound to an Object Data Source that retrieves a generic List collection of my business objects.

It save lot of time to fix the frequent errors that come up timer job.

Hope you understand how to create timer job in Share Point and how to pass properties to run for a specific site.

This is where we run into our little problem…Even though I have a nullable Integer property type (let’s call it int?

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