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The White House didn't respond to a request for comment about Dorsey's tweets regarding the videos. You need to speed up a SQL Server app, but you only want to make index changes."We're still looking critically at all of our current policies, and appreciate all the feedback."We mistakenly pointed to the wrong reason we didn’t take action on the videos from earlier this week.

The social network recently updated its Help Center section, adding examples on what it considers to be and hateful imagery.

It has also been revamping its rules on how it deals with abusive behavior.

There are multiple solutions for this: Sub test() Dim ws as Worksheet Dim pt as Pivot Table Active Workbook.

Refresh All 'make sure the refresh in bg property is false for all connections For each ws in Active Workbook. Refresh Table Next pt Next ws End Sub Dear @Andre, when creating a data connection through the Excel UI, after creating the connection file, Excel will ask you how you wish to display the returned data in the workbook. Refresh Next pvt Next sht This is fantastic thanks.

In other areas in the workbook I have indeed used the return as pivot table option. By this I mean: iterate sheets refreshing Query Tables, then iterate sheets refreshing List Objects, then iterate sheets refreshing Pivot Caches?

Hi @Gavin P I'm not sure I understand your comment.

Are horror stories of how Windows 8.1 upgrades went horribly wrong keeping you from upgrading yourself?

If you are longing to try Windows 8.1, you can now learn from other people's lessons and upgrade safely!

The tweets included graphic videos that purported to depict Muslims beating up a man on crutches, pushing someone off a roof and destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary.

But what really caused the trouble was President Trump's decision to retweet them.

By default it gives you "Table" on "Existing Worksheet" and let's you specifiy the range. I can't use option 3 as this is an automated process, having a manual update in there is somewhat losing the point. Refresh Background Query:=False Next lo For Each pvt In sht. Does this only work if there are no Pivot Tables that depend on data in a later sheet?


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