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They may notice "intensified" security procedures, but some bolstered arrangements will happen behind the scenes.

Travellers have also been asked to limit baggage to make things easier.

The man appeared to be distressed and bleeding from the head as he walked to a waiting ambulance, Nine News reported.

He could be heard saying 'they bashed me.' When asked by who, he answered 'police.'When asked why he was being arrested, the man mumbled 'I don't know nothing.' Shocked neighbours have said the family living in the property were 'perfectly nice and normal people.''We knew them to say hello to and they seemed nice,' said one woman, who didn't want to be identified.

Prime Minister Turnbull reiterated the raids were aimed at stopping an alleged terror plot to 'bring down' a plane and said security screening will take longer over the coming days.'Some of the measures will be obvious to the public, some will not be - those travelling should go about their business with confidence,' Mr Turnbull said.'The office of transport security has advised security screening will take longer, and travellers should arrive at terminals at least two hours before flights to allow ample time for screening.'They should limit the amount of carry-on and checked baggage, as this will help to ensure that security screening is efficient.'Virgin Australia released a statement on the extra security.'Passengers should arrive at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights to allow time for security screening,' the statement read.'Passengers should limit the amount of carry-on and checked baggage they travel with as this will help to ensure security screening is efficient.'New South Wales Police confirmed that the four men in custody were yet to be charged. Prime Minister Turnbull released a statement on the raids, confirming the involvement of the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and NSW Police.

'These operations are designed to disrupt and prevent plans to undertake terrorist attacks in Australia,' the statement said.'My number one priority, and that of my government, is the safety and security of all Australians.

A magistrate ruled police can hold the men for an 'additional period of detention' under the Crimes Act while investigations continue.'This recognises that terrorism investigations are inherently complex and that there can be legitimate reasons for extended periods of detention for suspects in such matters,' an AFP statement said.

A number of 'items of interest' were seized in the raids and searches continued on Sunday, with AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin suggesting they may take 'many more days'.The other father and son duo are understood to have been arrested in separate raids.Counter terrorism police (pictured) stormed four Sydney properties and arrested four men including one man (pictured) at Surry Hills after being alerted to an alleged plot to bring down an plane with a 'bomb'One man draped in a bed sheet with a heavily-bandaged head was seen being led into an ambulance outside a Surry Hills property.Residents living near the Surry Hills home, just metres from the Redfern Mosque, were evacuated while the bomb squad worked to remove the 'explosive device.' One neighbour of a man arrested in Wiley Park told The Daily Telegraph the accused would nurture stray cats in the area.'He and his brother would feed about 15 cats and when we complained that they were bringing ticks and diseases into the block, they would walk off,' they said.Relatives of two of the accused spoke out following the arrests, saying they 'love Australia.'The four men arrested for their alleged role in the conspiracy can be detained for up to a week while investigators comb through evidence.Travellers turned to social media posting photos of massive queues leading into customs at Sydney Airport and passengers tweeting to not underestimate the wait.'Not sure I agree with the ''creation'' of a mass gathering ''before'' security screening -closed screening stations,' one traveller tweeted.

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