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Jenny shows up about an hour before the party with several boxes in her vehicle.

You can't tell me that you're not home alone some nights and feel in the mood and you can't tell me that your fingers get it done and all fulfilled." I shrug my shoulders, "I have a vibrator I use from time to time." Becky laughs at me and shakes her head, "those are for quick I need to take my mind off it because I am at work situations.

This is something for I am at home and want to be fucked right now." "Well then I call my boyfriend and he comes over and we have sex." She shakes her head again, "and two minutes in he's blown his load and ready to go to sleep.

Then she gets an odd, questioning look on her face and I ask her what is wrong?

"I don't see you name on here for anything." I give a small chuckle, "I think my sex toy game might be a little on the smaller side." "Nonsense.

I've never even thought about sitting with my friends and discussing what I use to masturbate with and comparing.

Jenny does not let this sit though as she has told me a few times she will cure me of being a wall flower.Go buy a stuffed love friend and you put that on them and then you ride it all you want and put it away when done. " "It's a fake dick so it doesn't count and we've seen each other naked so no issue there.Trust me on this and try it." "I have no oversized stuffed animals and I have no idea how to take it off of that harness." Jenny stands up and grabs the strap-on in her hands, "well then I will wear it and I guarantee I will make it longer than three minutes." I start laughing as I assume she is joking but the expression on her face is all business. It's not like I am going to go down on you after and start calling you my lover." She comes over and sits down next to me on the couch, "you do this and don't like it I won't bother you about it again and I'll pay for the sex toy of your choice, no judgments.I am not quite sure how to prepare as I have never been to one of these parties before and am not sure what to really expect.I cover the basics with clean and smelling good and make sure my boyfriend knows to stay away.Within another hour it is Jenny and me alone as we look around.


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