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He has since been cleared of any wrong doing by the Muskogee County District Attorney.

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Mc Ginnis was nine when her mother started dating Piette, she told People Magazine in the summer.

He began sexually abusing her during their relationship, she said.

An indictment handed up in Muskogee on Wednesday accuses Henri Michelle Piette of abducting Rosalynn Michelle Mc Ginnis in 1995 or 1996 and traveling with the intent to have sex with her.

An FBI agent says in an affidavit that Piette first had sex with Mc Ginnis, whose mother had been engaged to him before the couple broke up, at a home in Wagoner, on the bottom bed of a bunk bed, when she was aged 11 or 12.

The footage shows Ellis pulling a large knife from his waistband before eventually stopping and turning back towards the officer.

Moore and another responding officer continue yelling for Ellis to drop the knife.

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When she was 11, she said she was forced to 'marry' Piette in the back of a van in an illegal ceremony that was performed by one of his own children, a boy who was 15 at the time.


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