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By the end of the story I thought that was chapter one, honestly. I loved this little story and highly recommend it....

Last updated on May 12th, 2012, am the author gives a weak pseudo scientific explanation to Emanon phenomena when she can only be explained as magic or miracle.

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Thinking a bit about it: none of her billions of ancestors ever died before giving birth to a descendant?

The probability is so low that it can only be explained as a result of magic or deliberate interference of a superior being.

Last updated on January 7th, 2014, pm I very much enjoyed this as a light read.

I like the idea of a person being an embodiment of history. As a short story it's light and sweet and thought provoking.

Sure, the sciencey explanations he offered weren't realistic, but they weren't meant to be. I like that the mothers live and simply pass the memories, which makes the memories more like an inheritance than a genetic disorder, as the prime-instance of Emanon suggests.

I also like those last few word-less art pages that feature the man aging while she watches on. This wasn't mind blowing by any stretch, nor was it the most beautiful art I've ever seen, but it was good, and that's what matters. Try not to think about the story outlines *too* much.

A look around at his other manga shows that this artist glories in drawing nudes and complex scenes and settings, and he's great at both.

I feel that he shows to a very high degree something that artists have that most people don't--a true love of the look of the world, which gives rise to a patient willingness to do the hard labor necessary to fully render his favorite aspects of it.

Because the Emanon fragments are so visually gorgeous and so conceptually full of wonder, I recommend concentrating on these aspects of them, and not being too hard on the storytelling member of this creative team, or the scanlators, or whoever, for creating a setting that is full of wonder but which never comes to fruition in an absorbing plot.

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