Nurse dating website

I think they are maybe LPNs or teachers assistants........... We do almost all things RNs do, just different clientelle (must have predictable outcome). I go home at the end of the day (no I don't sleep at school).

RNs, RPNs, and LPNs are the only professions legally aloud to call themselves nurses. We offer more services and well-trained care then Care Aids (although Care Aids are the backbone of healthcare). I have been sittin at this damn desk for like 5 hours now and am slightly spacey. Truth is male nurses are in high demand since they can physically lift more, idea being they won't hurt themsleves as often since women can carry less weight (and end up carrying more then they can handle and end up with a back injury). For me to be fired based on either my profile or comments I post on an ADULT DATING Site is a bit ridiculous.

Nurse dating website

All this interaction with people, especially when it might be confrontional, can wear introverts out!

Personally, I haven't found too many people very understanding except for other teachers.

This means I do have unusual hours since working adults are going to be taking their classes at night or online.

However, traditional educators have their challenges too.

Same as teachers aids, I know teachers aids that tell ppl that they are teachers just for the attention or to make ppl think higher of them.

I'm a teacher, but not the usual sort, since I'm teaching adults at the college level.For teachers it becomes the question of "which student will find me and try to mess with me" and also if she has something up on the net and the student finds it and tells his/her parents and they find it offensive, then that can cause alot of grief and stess that might possibly cost them their job. I have a friend who just graduated from University and she had told me something one time about this but I cant remember the details she gave me.When it comes down to LPNs or other lower ranked nurses or teacher aids, their jobs are not as high profile so to put themselves out there isnt as much of a risk, if you know what I mean. But I still think your missing the point of the question.Posted By: missyelliot83 on 8/24/2006 1101 AM Subject: Why are there so many single female nurses and teachers?Message: I am thinkin that they are really not nurses or teachers...... Not sure if you realize but teachers and nurses are human.Plus I am use to puttin my 2 cents in and not gettin acknowledged so when I was questioned about it, it threw me off Anyway yea lots of nurses lots of teachers, get yourself one of each and you gotz your self a life long learnin partner and a chic who can fix ya up on the side Jk jk.... As for why teachers are on here, yes my occupation takes a lot of my free time and I am adicted to the forums.


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