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If she is another faith, dating can be just for fun or to initiate relations.

As learned earlier, her goal may be to run a household, or to be a working woman.

Marion caunter dating

Malaysia has the same modern conveniences as the Western world, however in rural areas beautifully constructed bamboo homes with thatched roofs are common. 60% are indeed Muslim, but there is a good portion of the population that are Buddhists and Christian. They appear to be exotic and shy and for the most part are. Their eyes and facial features look a cross between Chinese and Indian.

The eyes are more almond with not such a predominant slant.

"When people ask me now, who I would like to meet, there are very few people left.

But if I did get to meet Oprah (Winfrey) that would be it, I could die a happy woman.

Marion Caunter would like to debunk the myth that Asian celebrities are any less wilder than their Hollywood counterparts.

"The Asian entertainment scene is not as sedate as many people think it is," she says.Whereas in Asia, only Asia talks about it, but our Asian stars get into equal amounts of trouble," she confides."For example, they catfight and we’ve covered news on celebrities actually pulling hair and fighting in certain parts of Asia!We have our own sex scandals and all that, just that it does not get the crazy amount of attention that Hollywood stars get," Marion observes.Marion is definitely no stranger to the region’s entertainment scene since her resume includes being a former Channel V host, as well as fronting various television shows overseas and in her native Malaysia. News here and auditioned for people, I tried out amongst many other amazing hosts throughout Asia.But I also always tell my girlfriends who are still single, you can’t expect to do everything so if a guy is trying, give him the green light and reciprocate if you’re interested.


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