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I figured she'd bunker down and they'd stay clear of each other, but if theres nothing to hide cuz theyre really just pals, then i'd be like fuck it, lets hang too ya know?Anyways, obvs not that serious about that...maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but among crazy fans (esp. RU MEDITSINSKIH-OSMOTROV-HOROSHAYA-POLIKLINIKA-MED.

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Also no one is entitled to knowing whether they're really dating or not.

It's weird how some users (not referring to oc) seem really bothered by her dancing around who she's dating until they break up and she admits it.i mean...

she's a popular disney child star with 43 million instagram followers and is way more famous than tom, i think if she wants to keep her personal life private, she has a right.

especially with her younger fanbase because they're a lot more nosey and entitled.ia, its one thing to just not talk or answer questions about it, it's another thing to constantly lie and play games with the media/fans about it.

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the second thing is bound to get more attention anyway??

like if she'd just ignored the report this week that said they were dating instead of drawing attention to it on twitter/snapchat, she'd get way less press about it They have been dating since like November, and the whole point of a showmance is to make it public, not to deny it all the time, so I don't get why some people think it's a showmance. If it's a showmance, no one told me that they actually have to say that they're dating and act like a couple all the time.



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  3. Finding the right person to date can be an incredibly lengthy and difficult process but with the help of the internet, things can become significantly easier.

  4. As soon as she meets him, she realizes that his reputation precedes...

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