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Effectively, the INTJ perceives the world through Introverted Intuition (Ni).That is, the INTJ has a model of the world in his or her head.The first letter (I or E) determines whether you Introvert or Extravert your dominant function.

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If you are not familiar with the personality types, you may be wondering what INTJ actually means.

And since you haven’t run screaming into the hills, perhaps you would like to know what to expect from your INTJ and how the two of you can make it work out.

The second question determines whether you are Intuitive (N) or Sensing (S). Conversely, Intuitives prefer to perceive things abstractly or how they could be. The Thinker tends to be more objective in decisions. Thinkers are analytical and tend to not allow emotions to affect decisions. Just because someone is categorized a particular way does not mean that they cannot work outside of this category. It is just that in general, an Introvert will not be energized by situations and will probably need some time alone.

Sensors prefer to perceive information primarily through their senses. Likewise, an Extravert is generally recharged by being around people, but that Extravert also has moments when he or she needs to be alone.

What Te translates is then taken by Ni to make sure that it fits the internal symbolic vision.

Ni and Te thus can cycle back and forth until the Ni vision has been truly translated by Te into words that others can understand.Introverted Feeling (Fi) is the Tertiary function for INTJs.Fi can be very underdeveloped in INTJs, especially when they are young.While Ni and Ne are related, they are not the same.For instance, Ni tends to focus intuition on one area (or a few) very deeply, while Ne would tend to touch on many areas without as much depth.Even when they are older, INTJs will tend to be reserved.

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