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When the first Conquistadores arrived on Fuerteventura in the 15th Century, they encountered the local inhabitants (Mahos) almost completely nude."Males only had a hairy goat or sheep skin that was fixed on the men's back and women additionally had two extra pieces – one in the front and one in the back – which were fixed at the waist and reached till their knees.

Not only is it highly disrespectful to the history of Fuerteventura, but additionally, the penalties are horrendous, including imprisonment.

If you find anything which seems to be of scientific value, leave it where you found it and call the local authorities: Tel.: 928 862 328 (Cabildo of Fuerteventura), Guardia Civil: 928 851 100 (SEPRONA), Environmental Agency: 928 852 106 (Agentes de Medio Ambiente) or the police (Policia Local) – please do NOT call the emergency number!

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A complete list of Spanish medical terms and body parts for visiting the doctor or in an emergency in Spain.

Knowing the basic medical terms and body parts in Spanish can greatly help a doctor diagnose you.

Fuerteventura – the “Oldie” amongst the Canary Islands.

The first steps in the creation of Fuerteventura have been made some 250 million years ago, however its rise above the water surface dates from about 23 million years ago, which makes it the oldest island of the Canaries.

For ages, the island was called in many tales, ballads, poems and folkloric songs “the mysterious one, the lost one, the unreachable one”.

Based on those persistent rumours, many expeditions were initiated from the 15th till the 18th century – the most known was in 1721 under Juan de Mur y Aguirre, an admiral – and many naval maps were drawn.

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