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Completely confused, he tries to work out whether he's just imagining it.

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It's Bow Down week at Evergreen Academy, an annual tradition in which Seniors select a Junior to be their personal slave for a week.

Jed is picked by Joely (Nicki Aycox), an out lesbian, who begins to show a strong attraction to him.

After the boys discover the janitor's stash of marijuana, the school hires a new drug counselor, Greg Tillman (Dax Griffin), to speak with the students.

Jed instantly forms a strong dislike of him, due to his good looks and the lust he provokes in the entire student body, including Miranda and Kate.

Opposite Sex is an American comedy-drama series that aired during Fox's summer 2000 schedule.

The series was one of the first teen dramas to primarily use independent artists on its soundtrack by such acts as Elliott Smith and Ben Lee.

In concluding her review she stated, "Despite all the good things in this gentle comedy-drama, it's hard to say who the series is aimed at: It's not intellectual enough for "Freaks" fans and too grounded for the WB crowd. And therein lies the rub." Barry Garron of The Hollywood Reporter described Opposite Sex as a "far-fetched, overly earnest teen-oriented show" that "never manages to overcome its contrived premise and establish real emotional connections." He went on to say that "My So-Called Life and Freaks & Geeks have raised the bar for teen drama by providing keen insight into the awkwardness of adolescence" and that while not on the same level this series is "not nearly as cartoonish" as Saved By The Bell.

Joel Brown, a New York Times syndicated columnist published in The Spokesman-Review found that "Ventimiglia conveys Jed's frustration well" but that "bad TV cliches overwhelm this show's mild promise." The Modesto Bee's TV critic, Kevin Mc Donough, describes the series as "hardly the worst teen show of the year." He continues by stating that "it lacks the soft-core exploitation that permeates Young Americans."Jed Perry becomes one of the first boys ever to attend Evergreen Academy when he moves to a new town.

Meanwhile, Cary is humiliated by a student from the nearby military school Fort Union and vows to get revenge.

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