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The Bad Moms' mothers have their own confab as a trio, during which Amy's mother commiserates: 'My daughter thinks that I'm so hard on her,' and that 'I had a horrible mother.

She once slapped me for wearing open-toed shoes on a sailboat.'When Ki Ki's mother tries to comfort her by reminding her that 'It was a different time then,' Amy's mother deadpans: 'It was two months ago.'Written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore - the same duo behind Bad Moms and, incidentally, The Hangover - this movie will be out November 3 in the US.

* Bad Moms Christmas – Rated R: It would be truth in advertising if they’d just kept the first word of the title: bad. I hated last year’s “Bad Moms.” But this makes that look halfway decent.

Finding Love After Divorce - Tips to determine if he is the right man for you.

Dating after Divorce Advice if you're over 40 and don't have young kids at home, dating is a little different.

Meanwhile, Amy's brittle and visibly wealthy Hamptons chic mother - Christine Baranski, naturally - swings into town for the holiday and starts in on her progeny.'Where's the tree?

' she demands, and Amy replies: 'I guess I've just been a little busy,' at which her mother prods Amy's belly, vamping: 'Well, clearly not at the gym.'Susan Sarandon is Carla's cigarette-chomping mater, who saunters to her daughter's house in a leather jacket and cowboy hat and, The whole melee comes to a head when Amy's mother announces she's giving a 184-strong Christmas bash in Amy's home, installing a Disneyland ride's worth of mechanical moving Christmas decorations on her daughter's front lawn.

Here are some things to consider that can help ease the way.

Dating Tips For Divorced Moms - Suggestions on how to ease your kid's anxiety when you start dating again.

It’s not usual that a sequel to a movie comes out this quickly, just a year later.

But they just slapped this crap together, and it’s very apparent. Vastly overrated “talents” Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn are three oversexed, totally immature mothers–two of them single–who were in the crummy first Bad Moms installment, and they have, sadly, returned.

Internet Dating Websites - The ins and outs of paid and free dating sites.

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