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Developing an effective vaccine is far more difficult than just identifying the pathogen that causes a disease and knowing how it spreads. It had already been shown that many people's immune systems are capable of fighting off HPV infections on their own.It requires figuring out a way to get the immune system to react strongly enough against that pathogen to fight if off when someone is exposed. Most people who become infected with HPV will clear the infection within a few years, with no help from a doctor or drugs.Herpes behaves in a way that makes it very difficult to attempt a cure.

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These are vaccines that wouldn't prevent herpes.

Instead, the goal is for them to help the body's immune system keep an infection under control.

Latent herpes infections are effectively invisible to drugs and the immune system. During active infections, some of the hidden virus "wakes up" to do its dirty work. However, as long as any herpes virus remains hidden, it's impossible for treatment to lead to a full cure. That's not to say that people shouldn't have hope.

It's just that even in the very best of circumstances, it takes years to go from an Furthermore, not all treatments that work in the lab work equally well, or at all, in people.

In 2015, the Duke researchers were able to identify other factors that are related to latency.

Unfortunately, they're still a long way from moving their micro-RNA research into humans.

In contrast, the search for an HIV vaccine has been far longer and far less successful.

Scientists have spent many years, and many millions of dollars, trying to find a vaccine that will effectively prevent HIV.

However, it also may partially be because we live in a society where herpes is so stigmatized that not even doctors want to talk about it.

In addition, sometimes doctors really do have incorrect or incomplete information.

Drug and vaccine development are long, difficult processes.

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