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1: Use Of Almond Oil Dark patches and blemishes can also be removed by doing massage of almond oil.

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After a long day and sleepless night, don’t you just hate waking up to find those dark rings settling in under your eyes?

Dark circles are a pain point for many women; so if you’re looking for a remedy to get rid of dark circles at home, use some of these tips…

First of all you must eat proper and healthy food regularly.

Try to make it your habit to drink at least 10 glass of water in one day to remove .

It makes your skin fairer and protects it from dark circles and marks.

Take a mixture in equal amount of tomato and lime juice and apply it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes then wash it off with fresh water. These are the best 6 ways to “ I am a Blogger, designer and professionally an Engineer. We recommend the Lakmé Complexion Care cream which contains SPF 20.It instantly lends a luminous finish to the skin while protecting the delicate under eye area from natural aggressors.These protective eyes serum are available in all good shops.6: Use Of Tomato No doubt that tomato has countless benefits that are more effective than any other expensive beauty products.All young girls and women need some tips and tricks to remove dark circles who are victim of them.

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